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Discover your Sephardic Jewish heritage with personalized genealogical research and expert guidance.

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Explore our diverse portfolio of genealogical research, DNA testing consultation, and historical documentation analysis.

Genealogical Research

Uncover your family history with our expert genealogical research services.

DNA Testing Consultation

Receive comprehensive insights and guidance through DNA testing consultation for your genealogical journey.

Historical Documentation Analysis

Unlock the secrets of your ancestry with our meticulous historical documentation analysis.

Personalized Support and Advice

Experience personalized support and expert advice to help you uncover your family’s unique story.

About Genie Milgrom

Tracing Sephardic Jewish History

Genie Milgrom’s personal quest led to uncovering the rich tapestry of Spanish and Portuguese Jewish heritage. We help you explore your family’s past.

Explore Your Ancestry

Start your genealogical journey today and unravel the secrets of your family’s history.


Our Services

We offer genealogical research, DNA testing consultation, and historical documentation analysis to help you uncover your family’s past.

Genealogical Research

In-depth research to uncover your family’s history and trace your lineage back through the generations.

DNA Testing Consultation

Guidance and interpretation of DNA test results to help you understand your genetic connections and heritage.

Historical Documentation Analysis

Thorough examination and analysis of historical documents to provide insight into your family’s past and origins.

Unique Value Proposition

We provide personalized support and expert advice to help you navigate and understand your family’s history.

Tailored Research

We tailor our genealogical research to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring accurate and comprehensive results.

DNA Insights

Our DNA testing consultation provides valuable insights into your genetic heritage, helping you connect with distant relatives and discover ancestral origins.

Historical Expertise

With extensive knowledge of Spanish and Portuguese Jewish heritage, we offer historical documentation analysis to deepen your understanding of your family’s past.

Preserving Heritage

We believe that understanding our past enriches our present and future. We are committed to helping you preserve your family’s heritage for generations to come.

Let’s Preserve Our Heritage

Together, let’s piece together the puzzle of our ancestors and create a lasting legacy for future generations.

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